Reviving Mission

We are here to help and equip the church by providing pastors with the right training, tools, and techniques needed to mobilize their congregation.

We are Here to Serve You, Pastor

As pastors, your ministry description includes preparing and delivering weekly sermons, planning for mid-week services, mentoring young staff members, meeting with deacons and elders, discipleship and the list goes on. As a pastor, you are not just serving those who enter the building., you also visit the sick, counsel the hurting and attend and organize community events and outreaches.
We lead the group of people God wants to use to share His love with those who don’t know Him. When it comes to outreach, and in particular, reaching the lost in your city by sharing with them the truth and love of Jesus Christ, the task can be daunting.
Every Home USA is here to serve you and your church as you mobilize your congregation to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ to your community.
The Reviving Mission Journal

Equipping Your Church to Engage in Spirtual Conversations

The BARNA Group conducted a study on behalf of Every Home USA, seeking an understanding of the American Church's perceptions and practices as it pertains to participating in Spiritual conversations. This journal takes an in-depth look at the barriers that need to be overcome to equip your church to engage in spiritual conversations.

In conjunction with Barna Group, we conducted a study surveying 1,000 practicing Christians about their missional habits. What you’ll discover is that Christians want to engage non- Christians, but many allow a barrier to stop them. Barna’s analysis focuses on three areas that need to be addressed if churches are going to see their congregations equipped to engage in spiritual conversations:

• Christians need to feel responsible to evangelize.

• Christians need to feel sufficient to evangelize.

• Christians need to feel comfortable to evangelize.

At the end, you’ll even have the opportunity to assess your own congregation. The Every Home Missional Church Assessment allows pastors to study their church by utilizing the same questionnaire that Barna Group used. The results will provide you with relevant data to determine your congregation’s ability to engage non-Christians in spiritual conversations. The data will help inform how you move forward in equipping and mobilizing your church to step into its mission of loving and pursuing those who do not know Christ.

The Reviving Mission Collective

The Reviving Mission Collective is a one-day, city-wide gathering of fifteen or more pastors. This conference aims to coach pastors on a strategy to mobilize the church into the mission of loving and winning the lost. There is absolutely no obligation to any pastor to partner with Every Home USA after the event. However, those pastors who commit to mobilizing their church will leave encouraged, equipped, and resourced on how to activate their church for mission. These meetings are at no cost to the local church or pastor.

Attendees will receive access to:
The nationwide BARNA Study commissioned by Every Home detailing the obstacles in our churches,
An invitation to participate in the Church Assessment Tool to examine the barriers in your congregation,
A four-part sermon series to help overcome the obstacles,
Teaching videos and supplemental videos,
Printed training material for your church, and
Printed, relevant, and impactful Gospel-literature for your church to distribute.

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The Reviving Mission Collective Webinars

If you are a pastor who is unable to attend one of our live events, the Reviving Mission Collective Webinar may be for you. Every couple of months, Every Home USA will conduct a nationwide webinar, bringing the exact same training and information to you and other pastors from around the country. There is absolutely no obligation to any pastor to partner with Every Home USA after the webinar. However, those pastors who commit to mobilizing their church will leave encouraged, equipped and resources will be mailed to each pastor. These meetings are done at no cost to the local church or pastor.

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