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Everyone. Everywhere.

Take the City- Tampa 2018-20

Our Vision

That every person on Earth would have a genuine opportunity to respond to the truth and love of Jesus.

Our Mission

To serve the Church by equipping and mobilizing believers to participate in sharing the truth and love of Jesus with every person and home on Earth.

Our Unalterable Convictions


The gospel of Jesus is literally intended for all people, everywhere on Earth.


The participation of the whole Church in unity is essential to reaching all people, everywhere on Earth.


Reaching all people everywhere on Earth requires our full reliance on God in prayer.

Every Home USA Leadership

Jesse Engle

Chief U.S. Ministry Officer

David Schaal

Mobilization Director

Bri Sweatt

Mobilization Director

Luke Wood

Prayer & Worship Director

Josh Mahoney

Operations Director

Marcus Dolphens

Field Mobilization