We Have One Focus



That every person on earth would have a genuine opportunity to respond to the truth and love of Jesus.

Every Person Counts.


To serve the Church by equipping and mobilizing believers to participate in sharing the truth and love of Jesus with every person and home on earth.

To the Last Home.

Our Unalterable Convictions

Matthew 28:19–20

The great commission must be taken literally.

John 17:21–23

Without unity, finishing the task of global evangelization is impossible.

Mark 11:22–23

Prayer, alone, will remove every obstacle that stands in the way of fulfilling the great commission.

Global Leadership


Tanner Peake

Since 2010, Tanner has served Every Home in many roles, notably spearheading the launch of Every Home’s Oikos initiative in 2019, a strategic plan to reach everyone, everywhere, with the gospel within this generation. In September of 2022, at Dick’s recommendation and with the approval and support of the board of directors, Tanner formally succeeded Dick as president.

Chief Prayer Officer

Dick Eastman

After an incredible 34 years leading Every Home for Christ as international president, Dick Eastman now serves as the ministry’s chief prayer officer, supporting the work of Every Home through intercession. He also serves as president of America’s National Prayer Committee, a diverse group of evangelical leaders instrumental in planning America’s annual National Day of Prayer.

USA Team