The Training(s) below, will teach you how to engage the lost, mobilize your community, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Digital Training Guide

Download our Digital Every Home Loved Neighborhood Outreach Guide to start your training on how to reach your neighbors and city. This outreach guide includes four lessons teaching on Jesus’s Promise, Passion, Process, and Purpose. The intentions of each lesson is to demonstrate how Jesus wants you to live your life and reach those who do not know him. As you read through this training guide, watch the corresponding videos linked below, showing how each concept (Promise, Passion, Process, and Purpose) is used in everyday life.

Every Home hopes that you use this training to go out and reach your ten closest neighbors as well as starting one spiritual conversation per week over the next year. This training guide and corresponding videos will show you how to accomplish both of these feats.

Download PDF Training Guide

Training Videos

These four video trainings are meant to help Christ-followers overcome common barriers they face in engaging others in Spiritual conversations focused on sharing the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ Passion 35:45

Session 1: In the first session, “Jesus’ Passion”, we will learn from a story where Jesus encountered a woman at a well, and engaged her in a spiritual conversation. For those that feel they have to be pushy, confrontational, or argumentative in order to share their faith, this lesson is for you. Notice the posture of love and acceptance Jesus has for this woman. We can follow Jesus’ example when we engage others in spiritual conversations.

Jesus’ Promise 29:40

Session 2: In this second session, “Jesus’ Promise”, we will learn from a story where Jesus is calling his first real disciples. You will notice that Peter, like many of us today feel unqualified to be used by God in sharing his truth and love to others. However, in this lesson, we will learn that as soon as we say yes to Jesus, he is inviting us to be a part of his mission. Jesus promises that if we follow him, he will qualify us.

Jesus’ Process 34:02

Session 3: In this third session, “Jesus’ Process”, we will learn how to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ in a very natural manner. Studies have shown that most Christians want to share their faith, but they do not want to come off as argumentative or hypocritical. Jesus teaches us a process in engaging others in Spiritual conversations. This tried and true process has been used for centuries.

Jesus’ Purpose 31:16

Session 4: In this fourth session, “Jesus’ Purpose”, we reflect on the outcome of Jesus sending out the 72 to share of his truth and love. We will notice that when we tell people what we have seen and experienced in our life with Jesus, there is excitement and Joy. Not only do we find our purpose, but it brings joy to Jesus himself.

Application Videos

These four application videos can be found at the conclusion of the training videos above. These videos are real-life testimonies taken from individuals across the country, explaining how going home-to-home, being loved on, and being introduced to Jesus Christ transformed their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

You Are Amazing 7:00

One encounter with Jesus is all it takes to change someone’s life forever. Did you know that God thinks you are amazing? It’s not because of what you have or haven’t done, but because you’re made in His image!

God Knocked On My Door 5:24

In the midst of depression, Kelly cried out to God for help. Little did she know that He already had someone on their way to her house. Hear the powerful story of how God impacted a woman’s life in Carroll, Iowa, through the simple obedience of one family.

Abuse and Alcoholism 7:15

A raging and physically abusive alcoholic has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. One encounter with Jesus changed a dangerous man into a city leader and family man who went on to impact hundred of lives in his community.

San Diego: Home to Home 2:46

In the small community of Mira Mesa, San Diego, a group of faithful believers takes God’s love to the street, resulting in many blessings to the neighborhood and a greater hunger within the church to share the good news. Chloe had never witnessed home to home before, but she engaged her faith and after a brief time of training and equipping, she set out with confidence to share God’s love to those in need.

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