EncounterLife's Outreach App

What Can I Do With The App?

See real-time opportunities

See which homes in your neighborhood are unengaged with cutting-edge digital mapping technology.

Track Interactions on the Map

Easily record which homes you have prayed for and engaged in Gospel conversation.

Organize Group Outreach

Adopt an area to engage as a church or group. Coordinate efforts and see each member’s progress.

Customize Outreach Spaces

Track interactions with specific people in your life, noting specific prayers and conversations.

Create follow-up actions + Notes

Choose from follow-up actions for specific homes and create notes to help you along the way.


Not sure how to start? The app includes a library of free training and engagement resources to give you the confidence to get started.

It can feel intimidating to start spiritual conversations with others. The Encounter Outreach app includes practical training videos and culturally relevant engagement resources to give people the confidence to engage others in conversation, knowing that God is writing an ongoing story before and beyond that moment.

About the App

The Encounter Outreach app is a free digital mapping and strategy tool to help mobilize the Church to share the love of Jesus in their neighborhoods and cities.

Target Audience
  • Church Groups
  • Individuals Looking To Evangelize Their Community 
  • College Students
  • Unengaged Communities 
Key Features
  • See Real-Time Opportunities
  • Track Interactions On the Map
  • Organize Group Outreach
  • Customize Outreach Spaces
  • Create Follow-Up Actions + Notes
In-App Resources
  • Practical Training Videos
  • Culturally Relevant Engagement Resources
Available on
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play

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Every home is an opportunity to have a conversation with someone who needs Jesus’ love. It doesn’t need to be elaborate—a simple word, gentle action, honest story, or humble prayer has the ability to lead people to an encounter with God that changes everything.