Carry Christ to your world.

Freely you have received. Freely give.

Jesus has always been on a mission. A mission to redeem. A mission to seek and save that which was lost. His mission has come to us and we stand as the rescued – the healed – and today he continues to rescue and heal us as we journey with Him. His reach for us and ministry to us today fuels our desire to give away the very thing that we have received. This is the way of Jesus. Generously giving and calling us to generously give. Constantly restoring and making new while inviting us to authentically participate in that work for the sake of the world.

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You Are Amazing

One encounter with Jesus is all it takes to change someone’s life forever. Did you know that God thinks you are amazing? It’s not because of what you have or haven’t done, but because you’re made in His image!

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God Knocked On My Door

In the midst of depression, Kelly cried out to God for help. Little did she know that He already had someone on their way to her house. Hear the powerful story of how God impacted a woman’s life in Carroll, Iowa, through the simple obedience of one family.

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Abuse and Alcoholism

A raging and physically abusive alcoholic has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. One encounter with Jesus changed a dangerous man into a city leader and family man who went on to impact hundred of lives in his community.